My work is a part of me.


Some people might be confused by the eclectic genre of styles I try to cultivate in my work. I am all parts that I create, from traditional and elegant to bold and modern. Every line and color is calculated, for lack of better words there is a method to this madness.


When questioned as to the reason for the diverse collection that spans my portfolio I must attribute most of that to my upbringing. Being raised in the rural mid-west, there was a focus on the functionality of objects, but an awe for the glamour of the loud decisions found throughout the art world. After experiencing the tip of the iceberg that is life, I am allowing myself to create what I think is inspirational and awe inspiring without losing the romance of the practicality in a piece.


Each object I create is designed and constructed to be able to stand as an heirloom piece. The idea of furniture that is passed down from generation to generation is rooted in who I am. I’m attempting to bring that level of craftsmanship to your great grandchildren and beyond.


What’s in my portfolio?


The Classical work was an experiment on simply being able to create the pieces. The challenge of making something structurally correctly for the sake of learning. The Modern work is more the direction I am heading in. Most are/were experiments to find my own aesthetic. The current work is the new lines I am trying to create from start to finish, the painted modern line, and the Torus line.


Listen to my story.


During this interview I share an honest account of how I began crafting furniture, the financial challenges of being a full-time independent artist, and my future plans to design and build a new chair with my father.